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P2PU Staff Handbook

This handbook comprises four unique sets of resources:
Team Charter: Shared expectations of team members, to be signed upon joining P2PU as a team member and refined over time by the team. Not to supersede individual work contracts.
Governance: The policies and practices that comprise P2PU's peer governance model. Changes to the governance model require Board approval and should not supersede P2PU bylaws.
Org Policies: Additional policies that require Board-approval to change. Not to supersede P2PU bylaws.
How We Work: Practices that the P2PU team abides by to conduct business. This document is maintained and refined by the team and can be shared with outside collaborators to help onboard them to working with P2PU.
This handbook is publicly visible and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. As such, links to governance and policy-related documents with personal information (e.g. salary model, budget, governance notes) should not be linked directly from this handbook.
Last modified 2yr ago